SCV Electrical Rates

For small maintenance jobs we charge by the hour. For larger jobs a site visit may be necessary and a quotation will be provided. All prices are exclusive of VAT and materials.

How much does an electrician cost?

There are no hidden charges. We believe the best policy is transparency. We don’t wish to give you a bill higher than you expect. We mark up the cost of materials that we provide by 20% to cover the time and fuel spent buying the materials. 

If during the job we discover additional work is required, we will consult with you and agree any additional costs before proceeding.

There is a minimum one hour charge for any job. This is to cover the time spent navigating London’s busy roads in order to make the appointment. Simple jobs, such as replacing a broken light switch, may take less time than one hour.

If this is the case, in order to give you value for money we encourage you to think about anything else that may need doing so that the engineer is on-site for the whole hour. We wish to demonstrate our high level of service, not run out the door as soon as the job is done.

From our initial discussion, we will normally provide you with an estimate for the work to be done. It may become apparent that a site visit is necessary, following which a quotation will be provided.

We charge the following rates (exclusive of VAT and materials) for a principal engineer: Please read this section fully including the notes below to ensure you understand our charging policy.

Vehicle charges will be added at cost (if applicable) to the rates below. These charges will be our parking costs, ULEZ charge and Congestion charge if we need to enter or cross the central zone.

If free parking can be provided, then please supply details prior to the appointment.


  • £90 per hour, charged at 30-minute intervals (minimum 1 hour)
  • 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)


  • £120 per hour, charged at 30-minute intervals (minimum 1 hour)
  • 6am – 8am and 5pm – 9pm Monday to Friday, bank holidays and weekends


For all jobs we require payment in full within 30 days upon receipt of invoice. We accept the following methods of payment, paid directly to the engineer.


Paid directly to the engineer


Electronic Payment directly from your account

Credit/Debit Card

Not at present. We are considering it.


  1. Any work outside standard rate hours will be charged at the Overtime Rate.
  2. We do not operate between the hours of 9pm and 6am.
  3. If a trainee engineer is present with the principal engineer, he will be charged depending on his or her experience. This will not increase your costs as the work will be completed in a shorter time by two engineers.
  4. We keep a supply of all standard materials in our vans. If we need to visit a wholesaler to provide non-standard items requested by the customer (for example, chrome accessories), then the time taken will be charged at the standard or day rate, whichever is applicable.
  5. Please note we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you wish to re-schedule, please give us more than 24 hours’ notice by writing to us at [email protected] . If we are unable to re-assign your electrician then appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the agreed start time or missed entirely may be subject to a one-hour labour charge at our standard rate plus VAT and vehicle charges.

* If you think you may be late for your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We may wait for up to 15 minutes, but once we have left the site, the appointment will be considered cancelled.

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