EV charging can empower your business in various ways, from sustainability to productivity, and we offer expert installations across all sites. This post explains what we do and how EV charging impacts businesses.
Home rewiring is a significant yet essential service to maintain safety, functionality and efficiency. This post outlines what you can expect during our rewiring service and the benefits it provides.
In this final video in the series, Dave Gilbert from SCV Electrical does a full walk through of the EICR for a property in London.
David Gilbert, director at SCV Electrical, explains what is involved in an EICR inspection.
David Gilbert, director at SCV Electrical, explains the importance and process of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs).
Learn more about your options for commercial lighting solutions so you can make the best decisions for your business.
This is your guide to electrical consumer units, outlining everything they need to know about how they work and impact electrical safety.
Keep your home and business protected by being a step ahead of electrical hazards. In this post, we outline the electrical risks that come with the changing seasons and how to prevent them.
An electrical inspection is a detailed review and subsequent testing of all the electrical installations and systems in a building conducted by a certified professional. Here is an in-depth explanation of what happens during an electrical inspection so you can be prepared.

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