Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Project Overview

We are coming to the end of the fourth year that we have served our valued customer at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, and it’s a solid relationship.

There’s nothing unusual or particularly challenging about the electrical installation in this establishment other than some thought needs to go into the design and installation methods due to the cats themselves, but it’s a fun place to work.

The most recent project we tackled here was with the implementation of a new POS or Point of Sale system. This is obviously critical to the client, so we left no stone unturned in terms of gathering the right information, asking the right questions, and working closely with the IT engineer and POS supplier.

We ensured the old system was kept in place while we installed data and power for the new system, so when ready the new system could be put into service in a seamless fashion.

It was a lot of fun taking these photos – we had some rather inquisitive guests!

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