Christchurch Spitalfields

Lutron Lighting Control System

Christchurch Spitalfields is an Anglican church built in the early eighteenth century. The lower floor, or crypt as its more widely known was totally refurbished to a very high standard in recent years.

Part of this installation included a DALI addressable Lutron lighting control system. These systems are in short electronic controls for switching, dimming and generally controlling the lighting.

They are great unless they go wrong, as they then need a specialist alongside an electrician to investigate, usually with a laptop and lighting control software to assess and rectify the fault.

We attended with a specialist engineer and an electrician and identified the faults, and then returned with the correct parts and reprogrammed the system. The faulty lights needed to be readdressed otherwise they would be permanently on.

At SCV Electrical we work across a wide range of lighting control systems as there are many different brands. Examples include: Lutron, Philips Dynalite, Casambi, Helvar, I-Light, Rako, Luxonic, CP Electronics, Apex, Whitecroft, Tridonic, Ex-or and Polaron.

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