Guide to Emergency & Exit Lighting

In any building, properly installed emergency and exit lighting is incredibly important. The value of emergency lighting cannot be overemphasised as it is not just a regulatory requirement, but also a critical component of your safety framework.

In this guide, we are going to explain the standards and best practices around emergency lighting systems and illustrate how expert electrical contractors can safeguard your premises.

Understanding Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a self-contained system that provides illumination to your site or premises in the event of a power failure, or in a situation where the main lighting fails.

It is an essential part of the building’s life safety system and helps occupants evacuate safely.

Types of Emergency Lighting

  • Escape Route Lighting: Ensures that the means of escape can be effectively identified and safely used at all times.
  • Open Area Lighting (Also known as ‘anti-panic lighting’): Aims to reduce the likelihood of panic by permitting the occupants to reach an area where an escape route can be identified.
  • High-Risk Task Area Lighting: Provides lighting for the safety of people involved in a potentially dangerous process or situation.

Standards for Emergency Lighting

The installation and maintenance of emergency lighting are governed by rigorous standards and regulations.

In the UK, the relevant standards include BS 5266-1:2016 for emergency lighting and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which mandates that emergency routes and exits must be illuminated to an adequate level.

As a commercial site owner, these standards need to be met to ensure your business is legally compliant.

Key Components of Compliance

  • Luminance: Emergency lighting must provide adequate light levels, typically a minimum of 1 lux for escape routes.
  • Duration: The minimum duration of emergency escape lighting is generally one hour.
  • Signage: Well-positioned and clearly visible exit signs are imperative.

Best Practices for Emergency and Exit Lighting

To ensure the utmost safety and reliability, the following best practices should be observed:

  • Regular Testing: Monthly short-duration tests and annual full-rated duration tests should be carried out to ensure systems are functioning correctly.
  • Professional Installation: Always use a professional electrical contractor who understands the regulatory requirements and can customise solutions to match the needs of your premises.
  • Correct Positioning: Lights should be positioned to illuminate the paths to all emergency exits adequately.
  • Maintenance: Keeping logs of tests and maintenance helps ensure ongoing compliance and functionality.

Services We Offer

SCV Electrical is committed to your safety and works to ensure that on all sites, whether commercial or domestic, emergency compliance is met.

We offer bespoke emergency and exit lighting services tailored to both domestic and commercial clients.

Our team of qualified electrical contractors provides:

  • Assessments and Consultations: To determine the specific requirements of your building.
  • Installation Services: Professional installation that adheres to the highest standards.
  • Maintenance Contracts: Ongoing services to maintain efficiency and compliance over time.
  • Upgrade Solutions: Latest technology integration for more efficient and reliable systems.

Why Choose Us?

You need an electrical contractor who epitomises professionalism and expertise, and that’s where we excel.

Our approach ensures compliance with national guidelines with a focus on keeping your building safe and legally compliant. Our team offers a range of dependable lighting solutions that won’t fail you in an emergency and can provide ongoing advice regarding industry-specific requirements for lighting.

In choosing SCV Electrical to handle your emergency lighting needs, you are selecting unwavering quality and a dedicated partner in the safety and compliance of your building.

It is not merely about meeting standards; it’s about exceeding them and providing peace of mind to all occupants of the premises.

About SCV Electrical

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We offer a wide range of electrical installation services to both commercial and domestic customers in the area. Our highly skilled and experienced electricians are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

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